07 March 2006

Lonely Mock Draft- Round Six

My ardent apologies on the lack of posts as of late...but without delay, here is Round Six:

51. Ben Sheets 17-8 3.21 205/215
52. Mark Buehrle 15-7 3.55 235/140
53. Randy Johnson 16-11 3.65 215/205
54. Eric Chavez .284 35 108 7
55. Hideki Matsui .309 32 112 2
56. Scott Podsednik .279 4 46 61
57. Johnny Damon .318 15 80 24
58. Mariano Rivera 1.85 41 svs 74 ks
59. Andy Pettitte 14-11 3.50 190/170
60. Paul Konerko .284 38 109 0

Sheets is an up-and-coming ace and playing for a much improved BrewCrew. Look for more wins, consistent ERA, and lots of k's.

Buehrle certainly is Mr. Consistent. 5 straight years of at least 14 wins, 220 IP, and an ERA under 4.20. He's entering his prime and is playing for a championship-caliber team.

Randy Johnson had a bad year by his standards, but still a good year by any other mortals standards. While he is no longer the untouchable ace of a few years back, he'll be a good bet for a slight comeback in 2006.

One of these years, Eric Chavez will have a breakout .295, 40, 125 year...This year may not be it, but look for him to build towards that. An improved Athletic's lineup won't hurt.

Hideki Matsui is simply solid. Playing in a studded Yankees lineup, high rbi totals should come no matter if he hits 15 or 40 homers. Look for somewhere in between and hope he unleashes...he could get even better.

Scotty P is overrated, plain and simple. While I don't usually recommending one dimensional players, however, Podsednik has the potential to steal 70 bags, making him a must if he lasts this long. By the way, check out how his homerun totals dropped from 9 and 12 to 0.

Johnny Damon pissed off a LOT of people outside the Bronx this winter, but for solid contributions in all 5 categories, he's a great pick. Look for more stolen bases this year.

Mariano Rivera may go earlier in a lot of drafts, but I can't justify selecting a closer before Round Six. If you're thinking of wasting an early selection on any closer, though, make sure it's Mo.

When you hear about career years, automatically insert "Andy Pettitte- 2005" into the conversation. The guy just isn't an ace. Look for a decrease in each category, but still expect solid numbers.

Paul Konerko revitalized his career in 2004, and the breakout became a trend when he topped 40 homers for two consecutive years. More of the same to come.

1 Responses to “Lonely Mock Draft- Round Six”

NoPepperGames said...
3/08/2006 5:08 PM

Thank you for dropping Johnson below Sheets. It's hard to say Sheets offers more reliability, but I just feel that's the case this year. Plus, I think Randy is dropping in drafts, and you can get him a bit later.

I have my Yahoo average draft positions updated from 1-48, and should have the top 100 by Friday.

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