14 February 2006

Lonely Mock Draft- Round Two

11. D. Wright .321 31 118 22
12. B. Abreu .307 27 104 28
13. Mi. Cabrera .316 36 111 4
14. P. Martínez 18-7 2.88 1.04 208/222
15. C. Utley .296 26 103 19
16. M. Tejada .286 28 112 6
17. R. Oswalt 16-8 3.09 1.21 230/184
18. D. Lee .291 34 100 15
19. J. Reyes .286 11 62 70
20. C. Beltrán .287 26 102 36

David Wright was supposed to be a Scott Rolen clone, but ever since AA he has shown he could possibly be so much more. Look for him to make even more strides this season and, in a few years put up .340/35/120/25.

Bobby Abreu is as steady as she blows, but may be on the downside of a fantastic career. Still, look for at least one more fantasy dream.

Miguel Cabrera would garner more production and a higher draft place if not for his abysmal supporting class.

Pedro may be aging, but he sure didn't show it last season. The naysayers have nothing to say now...look for more of the same dominance.

Chase Utley may actually be a pretty similar player to David Wright (for now anyway), and at 2B, what's not to love about those numbers? He's the top choice at his position with Alfonso Soriano sinking deeper and deeper.

Miggy may have inherited the crown from ARod and Nomar before him, but he didn't keep it long. A good, if not great ballplayer, but questions about steroids linger. He will slip a bit, but at shortstop still provides awesome power.

Has anyone noticed the career Roy Oswalt is putting together? He has 83 career victories against only 39 losses, and his career ERA is a fantastic 3.07! He'll get better, and will add another year to his future HOF career.

Was that Derrek Lee contending for the Triple Crown most of the season? You betya! That's what people envisioned when he left Florida for Chicago. However, this writer personally feels he will fall just a tad. Still worth a top pick.

Jose Reyes is flawed in real life, however young he is. He needs to be more patient in order to become the leadoff hitter the Mets need. But in fantasy baseball, his speedy ways pay off and land him a 2nd round spot. Look for him to threaten 80 steals, incraese his batting average, and not look completely miserable in the power selection. A future .300/15/65/80 year lies there somewhere.

The fourth Met of this round, Carlos Beltran, could very well be the biggest payoff of the draft. He has the ability to go .300/35/40, but will he? Many thought he would make that jump last season, but either the deep dimensions of Shea, a nagging injury, or the New York atmosphere got to him. Whatever it was, count it up as bad luck and look to profit big time.

3 Responses to “Lonely Mock Draft- Round Two”

J. Oliva said...
2/14/2006 2:14 PM

Great blog man. Very insightful, though I don't know much about fantasy drafts. I'll ad this to my favorites and keep checking up on your blog. We're neighbors after all. If you get a chance come check out my blog on blogger. It's called Potpourri of Mediocrity. Keep up the good work.

FantasyBaseballKing said...
2/14/2006 4:33 PM

Thanks J.Oliva! I appreciate your comments!

Ray Flowers said...
2/14/2006 5:26 PM

Really like what you are doing here. Email me at ray@fantasybaseball.com so that we can talk about future writing opportunities.

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