13 March 2006

Well Roundedness

Power, power, power! Speed, speed, speed! These are the treasured tools fantasy drafters search long and hard for on draft day. But rather than draft Troy Glaus and Scott Podsednik, why not try some other tempting options? These guys will provide a little bit of everything:

C: Joe Mauer

1B: Derek Lee

2B: Chase Utley

SS: Felipe Lopez

3B: David Wright

OF: Jason Bay

OF: Grady Sizemore

OF: Bobby Abreu

I have participated in draft after draft this preseason, and have yet to be able to assemble the above lineup while at the same time producing a capable pitching staff. While that goal may prove futile, being aware of such players will pay off in the long run. Much better to have 2 guys hit .300, 20, 95, 15 than one guy hit .265, 40, 100, 5 and another hit .300, 5, 45, 55. Remember that. For that reason, I make it a rule to stay away from players who contribute in two categories or less. This same reason has led me to look for closers late, finding bargains in saves where I can and stockpiling bullhorses to stack up IP for my ERA and WHIP categories. I leave k's to SP's and make sure I just compete in saves.

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