14 February 2006

Lonely Mock Draft- Round Three

21. J. Peavy 16-7 3.19 1.14 197/208
22. A. Soriano .271 33 93 24
23. R. Halladay 15-4 3.33 1.05 195/147
24. C. Carpenter 18-7 3.40 1.11 225/185
25. V. Martínez .318 21 103 0
26. A. Ramírez .296 41 115 0
27. C. Figgins .293 7 60 55
28. J. Rollins .295 13 65 37
29. Ichiro .328 12 55 32
30. C. Zambrano 14-5 3.08 219/193

Jake Peavy is simply an awesome young ace. In a very similar mold to a young Pedro Martinez, Peavy should dominate for years.

Alfonso Soriano is perhaps the most overrated player in all baseball. His moody behavior, wild approach, and disastrous defense leave much to be desired. He never built on the strong promise he showed with the Yankees. His power.speed combo at 2B, however, is something your fantasy team could use.

Roy Halladay was on his way to another Cy Young bid before injury struck, and could easily pick up where he left off. Chris Carpenter may have developed late, but he has turned into a true workhorse frontline starter. While he will be hard-pressed to repeat last year's performance, look for more solid numbers across the board.

Victor Martinez was a top prospect who had a stellar rookie season and, while it didn't seem like it at times, more or less repeated his numbers this past year. With players such as Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore emerging around him, look for an improvement in batting average.

Aramis Ramirez has now put up good to great stats in 4 of the past 5 seasons, quietly becoming one of the best hitters in all the game. His 31 homers last season came in only 123 games, so look for a big power inflation with a full year.

Chone Figgins is multi-position eligible...making him very, very valuable. He's also one of the best base-stealers in the game, and packs a very good batting average. Jimmy Rollins turned it up down the stretch last year, and proved he's truly an elite shortstop. He'll continue solid pop and good speed for several more years.

Ah, Ichiro...is there any other player in the game such a sure bet to reach .300? Pujols, but after that...When last season's stats could be considered a down season, you know you're good.

Mark Prior and Kerry Wood may get all the press, but Carlos Zambrano is the most reliable pitcher on the Cubs. He isn't quite Jake Peavy level, but he's also not far behind, so grab him if he's available.

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