15 February 2006

Lonely Mock Draft- Round Four

31. Jeff Kent .281 24 102 5
32. Mark Prior 15-9 3.24 1.19 188/214
33. Gary Sheffield .286 32 111 9
34. Carlos Delgado .282 37 118 0
35. Lance Berkman .302 32 110 8
36. Rich Harden 14-7 3.39 1.24 208/191
37. Travis Hafner .291 37 114 1
38. Derek Jeter .317 19 87 13
39. Carlos Lee .280 30 109 15
40. Rafael Furcal .290 12 57 33

Jeff Kent is nearing the end of a spectacular hitting career. However surly he may be, he produces. Draft him and expect more of the same.

Mark Prior just needs to be healthy to make a run at best pitcher in the NL. If he's available after the 3rd round, give him a shot.

Gary Sheffield and Carlos Delgado just keep hitting and hitting and hitting. Sheff has had over 34 homers and 100 rbis 6 of the past 7 years, while Delgado has topped 32 and 102 in 7 of the past 8.

Lance Berkman showed, towards the end of the season, that he is finally healthy. He has a shot at .315,40,120, so grab him and cross your fingers! Even if he doesn't reach that level, he'll do just fine.

Rich Harden and Travis Hafner are two up-and-coming studs. Harden has been lights out when healthy enough to start, and this year could be his real breakout. Hafner has spent the past two seasons belting balls out in Cleveland, and if he can just get his games played up, he'll bolster your offense even more.

Derek Jeter, the truest pro's pro, is also as steady as it comes in fantasy baseball.

Carlos Lee reminds me of Garret Anderson in that he is an RBI machine. Expect a streak of years like last season.

Rafael Furcal or Jimmy Rollins? Who's better? What's the difference? They're damn similar in that either could easily go .280 12 55 35 any given year. But Rollins packs a little more power, evident by his high double totals, leading me to believe a power boom may lie in his future. Furcal, on the other hand, has seen his power decline over the past three years. Additionally, while Furcal stole 46 bases last season, his success rate was his lowest in a few years. Meanwhile, Rollins' success rate has gotten better. These factors lead to Rollins being the better player, if by a small margin, here on out.

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